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kinnon —  July 30, 2011 — 6 Comments

Beginning earlier in the year, Imbi and I began to produce a video for Sanctuary in downtown Toronto and one for Parkdale Neighbourhood Church. (There are two versions of each – one about 5 minutes and one around 9.)

Imbi and I both fell in love with the people in both communities and I thought you might enjoy watching these videos. (And I realize that even a five minute video is long today. We have the attention span of gnats. At least I do.)

In both cases, staff, volunteers and other community members realize that they are all in this together. These aren’t the unbroken serving the broken – but a realization that we are all broken and in need of Jesus.

And if you need examples of missional, understanding Sanctuary & PNC might be helpful.



And if you’ve made it this far and want to see the longer versions, as well as more of Imbi’s and my work related to the church, please visit here. There’s also a Missional Videos widget in the sidebar.



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6 responses to Looking for Sanctuary

  1. These touched my heart. I love the relationships that are built, the inclusion of the arts by all people, the realization that we are all broken and can all grow and contribute. I was drawn into these videos and they weren’t at all too long.

  2. Blogger? Not so much. Chronicler of God’s movement in the world. Yep. Prophet. Certainly.
    Love the videos. I’m sending them out to people at my church in Asheville so that they can envision what we could be doing.
    I thank God for the gifts that you and Imbi share with us.

    • Thanks, Ed. Means a lot coming from you. Let me know how folk in Asheville respond.

  3. I thought it interesting that the month I walked away from paid ministry you post a video about the place (sanctuary) that opened my eyes to it’s value! God in the alley shaped my walk more than maybe any other!

  4. Hey Bill, thanks for sharing the video. It was cool to see the community at Sanctuary. Having read a couple of books by Greg Paul, especially “God in the Alley”…has really impacted my faith journey.


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