Mark Driscoll and “The Problem with Christianity”

kinnon —  July 4, 2014 — 6 Comments

Rumour has it, if one follows Warren Throckmorton @ Patheos, that celebrity pastor, Mark Driscoll and his team of occasionally competent researchers, ghost writers and editors, has a new book coming out from passive-aggressive publisher, Tyndale House. (Not to be confused in any way, with non-passive-aggressive Tyndale House in Cambridge, UK.)

Driscoll & Co.’s new book is apparently called “The Problem with Christianity.”

MeWhich reminded me of the famous GK Chesterton story of when The Times asked a number of writers the question, “What is wrong with the world?” and GKC’s rather perfect response was “I am.”

Perhaps Driscoll and Co. will surprise us all with a book that won’t require grand research or worries of proper attribution — because, when one opens to Page 1 of the new Tyndale House book from New York Times best-selling author, Mark Driscoll, the reader will discover the book has a single word response to its title, The Problem with Christianity — “Me.”



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6 responses to Mark Driscoll and “The Problem with Christianity”

  1. Are you being sarcastic again? Or just hopeful?

    • As a realist, by life experience rather than temperament, I’m being sarcastic. However, as Tyndale House has not released a publishing date, they still have time to change the book. 🙂 I would hope for proper attribution, of course.

  2. Poor Chesterton wouldn’t make it today. His comment certainly doesn’t sound like one that a “godly” man would make. 🙂

  3. Thank you for starting to blog again Bill.
    Hopefully this signals the end of a long dry spell?

    • Sorry it took so long to approve, Paul. I was out of town and away from my computer for 10 days. And thanks for the encouragement.


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