BillinAmsterdamOrigAspect1First, if you’re wondering about the banner shot, it’s actually from the picture to the right, taken by my wife, Imbi while we were working in the EU in the summer of 2011. The shot is near the Amsterdam Central Train Station. The shot above is me standing outside the entrance to the apartment building in Lahr, Germany where I lived from the summer of 1967 to the summer of ’68. Imbi and I visited the places where I grew up in Europe, after we had been working in Amsterdam.

And. Before I get into my back story, let me point to the post that created the most buzz for this minor node on the interwebs.

Riffing on a Jay Rosen post, I called it The People Formerly Known as the Congregation. Response to the post here and around the net suggested I’d opened a release valve for 100s of people — as I opened my own. Starting at the bottom of this search page will take you through some of the stories related to The People Formerly Known as the Congregation. Written over six years ago, this post still shows up in other peoples writing and ranting.

kinnon’s Back Story

It scares me to think that I’ve spent almost thirty-five years engaged in some form of media production. But my love for it goes back to my childhood as a Canadian Air Force brat living in Europe in the ’60s – glued to the radio. My passion led me to Ryerson in the fall of 1974, pursuing a degree in Radio and Television Arts – with majors in Radio and Writing. Somehow I ended up in Television — where I’ve spent most of my career (which began upon graduation in ’78).

Today, I’m the Managing Director of Medri Kinnon Productions which began in 1984. For 20 years, Scene by Scene® was the post-production arm of MKPL. Clients included major Canadian broadcasters, ad agencies, producers, corporations, etc. Work included post-producing 250 one-hour shows with Lynette Jennings for The Discovery Channel (US), 60 episodes of the kids series, Once Upon A Hamster, hundreds of music videos, thousands of on-air promos (for CTV and Global), enumerable commercials, documentaries, TV shows, etc.

Production-in-MwanzaEver early adopters – we lived on the bleeding edge of technology. (For you technophiles, we were the first component post house, the first with D-Beta, the first SDI Avid users, the first SDI Media 100 users, etc.) Scene by Scene® was put into mothballs in August of 2004 . (Medri Kinnon was on a brief hiatus from August of 2004 to the summer of 2005 )

Today MKPL produces programming in HD for large corporations and non-profits, designs large marketing events and consults on technology and facility design. We are still early adopters of technology, working with the Blackmagic Design Cinema Cameras in HD and and the Panasonic GH4 in 4K. In the last two years, we’ve shot in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Poland, the US, Tanzania, Estonia and Canada. (The production pic is from our March 2013 shoot in Mwanza, Tanzania.)

In terms of our work amongst the faith community, my partner (and wife), Imbi Medri-Kinnon and I have worked as consultants to a number of churches and Christian organizations in the US, Canada and the UK. We also co-produced and directed two Live Worship videos for Maranatha! Music — with Worship Leaders, Joseph Garlington and Chris Falson. Imbi and I taught semi-annually TV Production @ Daystar University in Nairobi, Kenya, though we were last there teaching in May/June of 2006. To see some of our work with Daystar students, visit this site.

In 2008, Imbi began producing a documentary on what Church Leadership will look like in the 21st Century. That work has continued to the fall of 2013 with over 45 hours of HD interviews being conducted with leaders including NT Wright, Christopher Wright, Dave Fitch, Graham Cray and many, many more. Called Stand in the Gap, this documentary is soon to be edited by Bill.

I completed my first (short) book, A Networked Conspiracy, Social Networks, The Church & the Power of Collective Intelligence in July ’06 and am now working on a new novel set in Chicago, Toronto and Pärnu, Estonia. (Altlhough now out-of-date, you can click on the link for A Networked Conspiracy in the right column of the home page to get a free pdf of this short book.)

I’ve been married to Imbi since 1983 and we are the proud parents of three fabulous young adults — two boys and a girl. They are smart, amazingly good-looking (they must take after their mother) and play and sing better than this old hack guitar player ever could. As of June 2013 our two boys are both married to fabulous women — and our daughter is graduating in Performance Voice from York University.

I began blogging in February of 2005, and at this point in time have written almost 2200 posts, had thousands of comments on those posts and experienced hundreds of thousands of hits. I acknowledge Hugh Hewitt and his book, “Blog : Understanding the Information Reformation That’s Changing Your World” as the impetus for what was once called achievable ends. This blog has been on hiatus for the past year as I’ve been busy with other aspects of my life and my novel has received my attention as I writer. Though I have continued to play the role of a curmudgeon on Twitter: @kinnon.

I’ve also been powerfully impacted by the people at the Communication Arts School, Wizard Academy in Austin, Texas — especially by its founders, Roy and Penny Williams. (And no, you don’t learn how to become a Wizard there — as I was once asked by a hotel receptionist. Roy is one of the finest admen in the world and was nicknamed, the Wizard of Ads.) I’m a grad of Wizard Academy’s Advanced Wordsmithing, Wizards of Web & Magical Worlds courses.

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