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I mean really. How could they leave out The Arrogant Worms.

As I've mentioned before, I was the editor on this project an awfully long time ago. It was one of the last multi-machine synched edit projects we did at Imbi's and my post-house, Scene by Scene®. I think I was rolling six machines at a time – and we "sort of" cut this live.

That said, the Worms are much too much fun. And I often thought truth in advertising would have made "The Arrogant Worms" a great name for a Christian band…

And I do think that could use a little humor arround here today, eh!

It was a Waning Gibbous Moon…

kinnon —  January 5, 2010 — 4 Comments

…when I was born 19,789 days ago.

And this is my first post of a new decade in a ten year old millennium.

And my last post, 'til my 19,790th day.

Presuming I don't "die before I wake."

This post brought to you by the artificial intelligence of Wolfram Alpha, the crowd-sourced wisdom of Wikipedia and the muddled synapses of my Muggle brain.

Even if the title sounds like a Monty Python line.

I've spent years working in edit suites – with some of THE most powerful visual tools at my finger tips. I'm just glad I don't work with clients in that environment today. (99.9% of my editing takes place by myself these days. And no, it has nothing to do with what deodorant I use. )

This kind of stuff in movies and TV shows must make editors, stuck in edit suites with clients, a little crazy [via Adobe's John Nack – original here]:

Client: "How come they can do it on CSi but you can't do it here? Especially with how much money I'm being charged per hour!"

Editor: [Sigh]

…from one of jonny baker's favourite creative people, Roger von Oech (Twitter: @RogervonOech)

And Jesus said unto them, "And whom do you say that I am?"

They replied,

"You are the totaliter aliter, the vestigious trinitatum who speaks to us in the modality of Christo-monism.”

"You are he who heals our ambiguities and overcomes the split of angst and existential estrangement; you are he who speaks of the theonomous viewpoint of the analogia entis, the analogy of our being and the ground of all possibilities.”

"You are the impossible possibility who brings to us, your children of light and children of darkness, the overwhelming roughness’ in the midst of our fraught condition of estrangement and brokenness in the contiguity and existential anxieties of our ontological relationships.”

“You are my Oppressed One, my soul's shalom, the One who was, who is, and who shall be, who has never left us alone in the struggle, the event of liberation in the lives of the oppressed struggling for freedom, and whose blackness is both literal and symbolic.”

And Jesus replied, "Huh?"

This cracked me up. How easy it is to get trapped in our own words and concepts — especially the complex ones — and miss out on the experience of what's actually happening. [link emphasis added]

I found this very amusing this morning. Too many folk are sent off to seminary to learn how to lead – and this, only slight exaggeration, is what ends up being produced.

As Roger notes, this humour could well be applied to many fields – not just those of the seminary.

Now I need to go and get my totaliter aliter. One never knows when it might come in handy.

Facebook’d Narcissism

kinnon —  December 4, 2009 — 16 Comments


This isn't the first time I've received one of these messages from Facebook in my email. And each time they crack me up.

The message appears to say;

I want you to become a fan of Me.

Now. I'm not inferring that Brother Jim's a narcissist. I don't know him that well.


We've gone from being Facebook friends to him now wanting me to become his fan.


That's no way to build a friendship, Jim.

Sure. I recognize that evil Facebook forced you to stop adding friends after 5,000.

Quelle domage, dude.

And now if I want to hear from you, I'll need to become a fan.



Can anyone have 5,000 friends.

At least in the friend definition of friend.

And did you ever truly want to be my friend.
[Short pause to get sobs under control.]


Was this just a way to add me to your audience.

Canadian Self-Identity

kinnon —  October 26, 2009 — 4 Comments

Here's a clip that deals profoundly with the self-identity of Canadians, We Are the Beaver. Please. Try not to laugh. It hurts our little beaver hearts.

If video does not show up in feed, click here.

A Little History As to Why I Posted This:
Sometime in what now seems our distant past, Imbi and I owned a post-production company in Toronto (editing, special effects and audio post-production for television). It had a very '80's name (appropriate as we started the company in 1984), Scene by Scene®. (Link is to our website on Jan 06, 2000 via the Wayback Machine – which runs very slowly.)

A couple of days ago, in a moment of pathetic vanity when I should have been writing, I googled myself and discovered I had a credit @ IMDB…as an editor. Of all the work I've done as a director and editor, it's rather amusing that it would be this project I'd be noted for this. Don't get me wrong, I was honoured to work on Three Worms and An Orchestra with my friends @ JST Productions. After working with so many snakes in the biz, it was nice to work on a project that focused on worms – arrogant or otherwise.

For those interested in tech, I think it was the last project I ever did where we had multiple playback VTRs (Betacam and D-Beta) recording to a Digital Betacam Master deck – switching the program with a "live" feel – actually the antithesis of film-editing, for which I'm credited @ IMDB.

Praise GOOG?

kinnon —  October 23, 2009 — 1 Comment


Better Parenting via Facebook

kinnon —  October 13, 2009 — 4 Comments

Imbi and I are up north at the place we call The Hedges. Kaili and her brothers are in Toronto at the Loft.

Here's a Facebook "conversation" from earlier today.

(Disclaimer: All Kinnon Kids are now adults – not abandoned.)


Bill Kinnon: Sounds like a perfect day to CLEAN YOUR BEDROOM. 🙂

jhfb.jpgJon Harris (Family friend and the kids' former youth pastor): I could hear the sound of the parental hammer dropping from Gerrard and Coxwell.

Kaili Kinnon: Amazing no? Parenting via facebook.

Bill Kinnon: Much easier than in person, methinks.

Better Parenting via Facebook™ coming soon to a bookstore near you. You read it here first.

This proves Rylan's great wisdom in not Facebook-friending either his father or mother.

Drive-By Church

kinnon —  October 6, 2009 — 3 Comments

What a great idea!

I was just reading John Armstrong's blog. He's talking a bit about Robert Schuller and referred to Schuller starting his drive-in church. Except my brain is a tad cloudy today (with a chance of showers). I read drive-by church.

Which led me to thinkin'.

What about it?

Drive-by Church™

(I think there's a book in here somewhere. Someone call my agent.)

BTW. As I mentioned on FB. I have the mental acuity of a vervet monkey today.

You’ll have to work this out for yourselves. (Insert Smiley here.) (See here and here)