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A Week Away

kinnon —  July 30, 2009 — 3 Comments

Imbi and I spent this past Tuesday to Tuesday on the left coast. Most of the time was on Orcas Island at KindlingsFest. And what a week it was. (All pics below are Imbi’s. The first one is from early Monday morning – just off Main Street in Eastsound, WA. You can view a bunch of Imbi’s shots from the event here.) This link will give you a little background on The Kindlings.


We were challenged and inspired by Dr. Jerry Root and his unpacking of the theme, Broken Beauty. One of Jerry’s students says, “(he’s) the most tender-hearted professor I can imagine. His passion for what he teaches is unmatched.” That would be Imbi’s and my take, as well.


Michael Kelly Blanchard was the musician in residence, and this thoughtful, yet hilarious troubadour had us alternately in stiches or in tears – ofttimes in one song.


Bruce Herman was the artist in residence and his gorgeous painting of the Virgin Mary illuminated the gathering. (The painting sold early in the Fest – but was there with us for all of it.)

KindlingsFest host, the irrepressible Dick Staub (one of my favourite people on the planet) did a great Kindlings Muse Podcast interview with Bruce that should be up in August. It is well worth listening to.


C.S. Lewis is the patron saint of the Kindlings, so it was appropriate that Anglican Priest, occasional actor and C.S. Lewis scholar, Michael Ward would be at the event to share his findings from his book, Planet Narnia – which inspired the BBC documentary, The Narnia Code. You can watch the trailer here.

Michael believes he’s cracked the code that unpacks the Narnia story – and properly connects C.S. Lewis the Medieval English scholar with C.S. Lewis the writer of children’s tales – tales J.R.R. Tolkien famously felt were set in “an awkward mishmash of a world”. Ward sets out to prove Tolkien wrong. I’ll let you be the judge. (I’m no Lewis expert.)

The week was also an opportunity for Kindlings Hearth alumi (including Mrs. Kinnon and yours truly) to catch up with our lives. Alum and Kindlings board member, Marty O’Donnell made the mistake of subscribing to my Twitter feed during the event – and now I’m being followed by way too many gamers – expecting some Marty-like wisdom from me. That’s not going to happen.

Hearth Alum, Tony Payne (Dr. Tony Payne of Wheaton’s Conservatory for the Intelligentsia in the crowd) wrote and performed a beautiful song from the week’s events that I will post if I get Tony’s permission. (I was sitting at the back of the church and shot it with our little Canon HF11 camera – and have yet to watch it back, so…) Tony is a wonderful music writer – whose hymns should be being sung in all English speaking churches – in my not humble but accurate opinion. His song from the week left me speechless.


One of my favourite writers in blogdom, Erika Haub with her husband, Doug and the gorgeous Haub kids (can someone say “high energy”, I knew you could) took the early morning ferry on Saturday to join us for the last day of KindlingsFest. Here’s a shot of Beauty and the Beast. Careful, you could scare the kids with this shot of me.

I missed the whole Gates-Cambridge Police-Obama story whilst lost in the beauty of Orchas – but Erika wrote a must read post. I will comment on it and my own thoughts on the incident in my next post – even if I’m a little late to the discussion.

The KindlingsFest was a treat for Imbi and I. It was a week of being both rejuvenated and challenged. I have much to unpack from our time on Orcas Island and look forward to sharing my thoughts here at this nanonode of blogdom in the coming days.

Let me end this by saying that it’s great to get back to the cool temps of Southern Ontario after the ridiculous heat of Puget Sound. Even if Phoenix is hotter than both.

Delayed Travel

kinnon —  August 8, 2008 — 3 Comments

I had a mostly pleasurable travel experience coming up to the Lake yesterday. I walked from our loft to the subway. Used the system to quickly get to Union Station in downtown Tdot, and then grabbed a GO Train to just south of the Lake where Imbi picked me up for a twenty minute drive to the dock. (Our summer place is on an island in Lake Simcoe.)

Going North the skies were rather dark – but the storm seemed to have traveled east of where we were going. “Seemed” would be the operative word. The reality was the storm was stalled right over the dock. We couldn’t get across for over an hour – while we experienced strong winds, hail and lots of rain. This shot was taken just a little further up the Lake from us. I “borrowed” it from here.


Back from Windrider Colorado

kinnon —  July 30, 2008 — 1 Comment

Imbi and I had a great four days in Colorado Springs with the Windrider Colorado folk. Part of that time was spent assisting Imbi, Annette Brownlee, John Priddy, Ed Priddy and Will Stoller-Lee in the preparation for Windrider Toronto, which happens this year @ Wycliffe College, September 9, 10 and 11th in the evenings. (Check out the Windrider @ Wycliffe website for more details. Each evening features a powerful documentary and the opportunity to engage the filmmakers in conversation.)

We saw a number of conversation-provoking films at Windrider Colorado, including American Teen, The Big Question and The Third Wave. (The Big Question and The Third Wave – along with their filmmakers will be at Windrider @ Wycliffe.) Over the course of the next couple of days, I’m going to write a review of each of these films.

As a visual story teller, I’m becoming convinced the most effective way to communicate the mission-shaped/missional church story is via moving images. (Thanks to John Priddy for gently prodding me in this direction.) Each of the three films above, and the film roster for Windrider @ Wycliffe provoke conversations about how the church engages culture – indirectly rather than directly.

These are the kinds of films to screen amongst people in your neighbourhood. In fact, gifted filmmaker and Windrider Colorado participant, Vince DiPersio talked about his regular Backyard Theater screenings at his house in LA. Check out this site for more info about doing this yourself. (Vince is coming to Toronto for [email protected])


On our last day in CO-Springs, Imbi and I ended up with about six hours to ourselves. Good friends graciously loaned us their car to experience Pike’s Peak. Now. I’m not the best when it comes to heights and their were a few moments driving up to the 14,000ft+ summit that I would rather have been in the plains – but was it ever beautiful (and well worth the momentary terrors.) These two shots don’t do it justice.

The first is looking up at the Peak from one of the many reservoirs on the mountain. This is shot is from about 8,000 ft. (This part of Colorado gets less than 5 inches of rain a year. Most of their water comes from the ample snowfall in the mountains during the fall, winter and spring.) The second shot is from the peak – where the temps were in the mid-forties. We were dressed for the 90’s in CO-Springs.

The shots are from my phone camera. Imbi has the great shots on her camera – which is with her @ the Lake.


In a Coffee Shop on Tejon

kinnon —  July 24, 2008 — 1 Comment

Imbi and I  are sitting in Poor Richards, downtown Colorado Springs. Our flights were uneventful. I’m drinking a crushing chocolate shake with a shot of espresso.

I awoke @ 3am to the sound of a dying smoke detector. Very annoying. Never got back to sleep as we were to be up @ 4:30am anyway. Hopefully the shake will provide a little needed energy to my flagging butt.

Touchscreencap2 Thought the two Wall-E reviews were funny back to back on Twitter. The pic is a screen cap from the iPod Touch. Originally put into the post on the Touch from a screen cap from the Touch.

The Typepad app on the Touch lacks some basic funtionality – most of it based on limitations of the Touch/iPhone system – the inability to capture text as just one example. [This post has been edited on the laptop as we are now in our "resting place" for the next four "sleeps".]

Heading Out of Town

kinnon —  July 23, 2008 — Leave a comment

Imbi and I are grabbing a couple of Air Canada flights tomorrow morning taking us to Colorado Springs via Denver, on our way to hang out with the Windrider Forum folk in Colorado Springs. We’ll have a chance to catch up with some of our friends who we haven’t seen since Sundance this past January.

You can get the story behind the Windrider Forum in an interview by Dick Staub of the Priddy Brothers. The site is being set up for the Windrider @ Wycliffe event, that Imbi is co-ordinating for this September 11, 12 & 13th 9, 10 & 11th – taking place during Toronto’s International Film Festival.

There will be a lot more video and other information on the site later next week.

A Favourite Shot…

kinnon —  July 16, 2008 — 6 Comments

…from this weekend, of my boys and me. Taken by Imbi as we arrived at the South Western Pennsylvania wedding of dear friends.


UPDATE: After reading Grace and Sonja’s comments, perhaps I should have called this Don Guglielmo and his sons/bodyguards. Name translation here.

Long Holiday Weekend

kinnon —  July 1, 2008 — 2 Comments

Other than being in Toronto to finish an Allelon edit yesterday, I’m enjoying the extra-long Canada Day weekend @ the Lake. Skies are blue with a few clouds, the Lake is calm enough to go kayaking (Liam and Abby just circumnavigated the island in a two-person version) and the tensions of the previous weeks are simply melting away.

Happy 131st *141st Birthday, Canada. Happy upcoming 4th of July to those wonderful Americans who stop by – and to the rest of you wonderful people, may your day be filled with all things good and true. (*Thanks to Peter B from Germany for the math correction. I must be waaay to relaxed.)

My Favourite US City

kinnon —  June 16, 2008 — 2 Comments

In pictures.


kinnon —  May 7, 2008 — Leave a comment



What little horsepower I had for writing was expended @ Triple D’s today. It’s just after 7pm and I’m off to bed.

Back in T-Dot

kinnon —  May 6, 2008 — 2 Comments

‘Tis good to be home. Even if I am rather jet-lagged. The Air Canada flight home was a pleasant non-event. The in-seat entertainment system providing the necessary diversion for the nearly 8 hour flight. And apparently Toronto is a great destination for more than just traveling Kinnons.

The Economist Intelligence Unit ranks Toronto #2 in the world as a destination for business travels. Not sure why it doesn’t achieve first place. Especially when one considers the rainy western Canadian city that did take that spot. (Probably has to do with the fact that a large swath of that city is called the British Properties, originally owned by the Guinness Family and the Economist is a British magazine where Guinness is occasional known to advertise.)

Our favourite US City, Pittsburgh did manage a very respectable 9th place.